Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Deja Vu anyone??

I know I had it(deja vu) - have it - am having it presently. When I wrote the post last night I had this nagging thought - hmmm something in this sounds familiar to me - and then it finally came to me today! (am I really getting that old?) I posted a similar eureka a few months back - same theme and idea but about how having a schedule gave me more freedom. This has been one of my fears about blogging - repeating myself - and now here I am doing it already! I shared my embarassment with a friend today and she said very wisely - sometimes we need to hear something more than once to really get it in to our brains - and so yes - especially me - I needed to hear it again, to explore again, and this time delving more in to God's Word for some clarity and confidence. Maybe you needed to hear it again too - but either way, I know I did.
I promise to right something a bit more fresh next time ;)
Thank you for your patience with me...
Sarah Jane - mom of five ALIVE

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