Friday, July 24, 2009

The cupboards are done done done!!!

My Cupboards are DONE!! After many trips back and forth to and from the hardware store(s) and quite a bit of figuring and painting - we are finally done! I am so grateful that my husband - once I was done doing the painting which he detests - pitched in and gave me a hand! I really can't believe it's my house. What do you think? I would love your feedback - now to choose the colour for the walls - I am thinking of staying with the yellow but going a little more "dijon" coloured - the tile behind the sink have yellow and beige in them so I am sticking with that kind of idea, though when I see how very white this looks in the pictures I wonder if I need something bolder!! I think it is hilarious the way that even when I am cleaning up my house for a photo shoot there are still lots of little things left in and around the counters - can you see that? I am amazed at how some people really know how to keep their home tidy. My house never looks like this! A dream I have some day is to wake up every morning for a week to it looking this tidy - maybe it will be sooner rather than later - more on that to come...

I love this shot - I am actually able to see all this from here. Just two weeks ago there was a big ugly brown cupboard in my way - and I really don't miss the cupboard space.

So right here is where I do plan to put either one or two shelves with baskets on it just to hide some items and use that very empty space. My sister says I need new curtains too - more work. sigh. we shall see :)
The ladies are coming tonight - I am bound to get more inspired about another homeschooling topic so stay tuned...It has been another whirlwind week. My middle girl was gone at my brother's and my little nephew came - maybe I will post some pics of that soon - we had a really good time but busy too - I worked 16 hours this week too - how did I fit that in? (yawn)


  1. gorgeous!
    hope you didnt have to eat kraft dinner and hot dogs...LOL

  2. Wow. Looks new. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. It looks great Sarah. You never stop to inspire me! I want to knock out a wall in my kitchen, and many people talk about "all" the cupboard space I would lose by putting an island in the space instead. I think the light does a lot more good!

    I love the yellow you have now, I thought it was new to! I think I would look for new curtains before I paint the walls.