Monday, July 13, 2009

My new cupboards

This is the big excitement in my life right now. My sister came for a week last week and said - hey - let's paint your cupboards so - that is what we did - I am exhausted still from this ordeal but am excited to see the results. Here is one picture of the process - look at those ugly cupboards - she hates this picture but I love the action in it. :) You go girl! We started Tuesday night and were not done until Friday evening. The cupboards still need to be put back on and now I have the dilemma of trying to decide on which hinge and which handles. but in the meantime Bill and I removed that large cupbard you see on the right that hangs over my counter space. For 6 1/2 years I have had to crouch down to see people sitting at my dining room table - or wack my head on the cupboard while I try to bake bread or roll out pizza dough (every Friday night!!) - NO more!!! YIPPEE!

Just LOOK - I can see through my kitchen!! In this picture I am actually standing beside my sink - this is way too cool - I will post pictures of the redone kitchen soon - just want it to be a little more done before I post it on my NEW BLOG!! Too funny...I heard a blurb on CBC the other day about the proper rules and etiquette with Blogs and I am pretty sure I am breaking every rule right now...don't worry - I'll get better :) (That's my big 9 year old peeking around the corner on the left - waiting for me to read Little Men to her before bed - nice book...


  1. Hey Sarah, welcome to blogworld. Matt talked me into blogging also (he even set it up for me, so no excuses).

    Love the kitchen, sure opens up the kitchen and makes it look so much bigger.

  2. you are right where you should be! dishes, 5 kids, cupboards, etc...can wait! lol
    welcome to the blogosphere :)