Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow - did I just set up a blog?

Okay - I am not sure what I am doing but here I am and I am blogging?? My dishes are piled high in my sink, I desperately need to find hinges and knobs for my cupboards but here I am starting a blog?? What is wrong with me - where is my sense of priorities and responsibilities? Okay - well here I am anway...this all started when I wrote a blurb on my facebook page and a couple of friends (Khantavy-oh so beautiful and pregnant - and Ruth - oh so beautiful and Pakistani) said "Sarah - YOU should have a blog - it would be REALLY great!!" Really? Who is going to read it? Who cares about little ole me - struggling to raise 5 very crazy and lively children in this oh so messed up world? Well, here I am anyway. Day one of blogging (I was actually just trying to start a Google Account so that I could leave a comment on a friend's blog (Matt Cook and I just ended up here - true story) I am going to start this day by ending here - before I babble the life out of my first blogpost. I will go, put my kids to bed and wash my dishes. I may be back!!!

1 comment:

  1. love reading about your experiences! you should also give us recipes (ie. those cookies and lentil stew you made for us) and do-it-yourself items (ie. baby wipes) and call it "shoe string quiverfull" - the name is jon's idea ;)