Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Candida Diet - Day One

I started a cleanse today.  I haven't cleansed for 13 years.  I've been pregnant or nursing for most of that time so that has been my excuse. I've been counselling people for years to do Candida Cleanses, Gallbladder Flushes, Liver Detoxes but most of them I have never really strictly done myself.

My birthday was last weekend.  I ate cake, ice cream, chips - even a ginger ale which never normally passes these lips.  I prepared myself for the 'day after the long weekend'.  It is time.

 Perhaps you are wondering - as my son said to me today...
"Mom - why are you going on a diet - you're like the healthiest person...in ....town!"

Well, son - and whoever else cares - I am pretty healthy.  I feel well most of the time, I don't have a whole lot to complain about.  Yet - I do have some symptoms such as the ones listed here  and they aren't going away by just eating my wonderful healthy diet.  I know that without some severe measures the symptoms will not truly go away.  And so - I am starving those little sugar, starch, fungus loving yeasties inside of me.

Phase 1 - lasts for 8 weeks.
No grains, no starchy vegetables, no sugars, no dairy...
no nothing?  

Sure I can have lots of other things! All the protein, veggies and limited fruit I want so it isn't all bad!  While I starve them I kill them too - with things like Oil of Oregano (ouch!) and Caprylic Acid. And then I also replace them with fantastic probiotics (not from my sugary yoghurt either - sorry but that does not count!)

 I am going to win this battle!

So far so good.
I had a nap this afternoon.
I feel hungry.
I bought groceries today, I found some yummy recipes on line and I am feeling confident.  If I can't do this myself how can I ask my clients to do it?

Granted, most of them don't cook for 5 children under 12, but that's okay - I know I can make it through.  I made them make their own sandwiches today for lunch, while I munched on my green salad.  It is hard but I know it is good too.

I will let you know how I am doing through out this phase.  Stay tune for the Depression blog in the next day or two as promised!

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