Monday, May 28, 2012

Week One Down! Ups and Downs of Candida

Well - I have done it!  Seven days in and I have done it! Only seven more WEEKS to go!!
Overall - definitely great.  It did not take me long to start feeling really well.  (like I said - I live a very healthy life anyway, so normally it does take more time than this to feel such positive effects)
Let's see, after one week, here are the drawbacks:

  • Expense of groceries.  Especially the initial expenses like Flax Seed Oil and Raw Almond butter.  Those kinds of things set me back quite a bit initially.  Now it is just the expense of making sure there are lots of fresh veggies and fruit in the fridge so I can snack easily.  I know once the garden is really going this will be a big help.
  • The time cooking for two separate meals.  I tried, for the most part, to cook simply - like stir fry for all of us and then add in rice for the rest of the family.  But it was exhausting - I felt like I had to be in the kitchen the whole time.  This week I hope to master the cooking better.  As much fun as it is for me to try new recipes, I just don't have the time for this!
  • Convenience food - hard to find.  Once we didn't get home for dinner till 6:30 - the family is hungry, I am hungry - what to eat that doesn't take at least 15 minutes to prepare?  That did not go well...Mommy had a bad day that day.  I need to plan ahead better.
Okay so those are the drawbacks - what are the BENEFITS?
  • Fog is lifting.  I didn't go on this diet because of my foggy head.  I didn't realize I was foggy, until it started to lift.  I remember now - I remember 14 years ago when we got married and I did a similar cleanse.  I always loved the clear headed part and I had forgotten what that was like.  It's back and I embrace it wholeheartedly!
  • The FOOD - I have made some INCREDIBLE dishes (mostly for myself) - like this pizza recipe - wow it was perfect!  And this tortilla and avocado guacamole type recipe (without the fish so far).  I am having these amazing fruit filled shakes for breakfast - it is wonderful.  I am - after almost 13 years of having babies - finally - feeding myself for myself and it feels great! "No honey you can't have those strawberries - those are for mommy on her 'special' diet!! Nope - not the yummy chicken breast either" How lucky can one Mom be? (Don't worry - my children are eating just fine!! They are enjoying this too I think!)
  • Energy returning.  I am getting my usual amount of sleep, except I wake up when the alarm clock goes off and I feel well and alive! Ready to embrace my day.  Rather than forcing one foot in front of the other for my morning walk, I feel like actually taking the walk!  Now - this is in general - there were definitely and still are days where I feel more tired as I am still really detoxing , but in general I have much more energy than before.
Thanks for reading and if I am inspiring you I would be happy to tell you more of the details!  This is so great, I honestly can't tell you!  I may never go back...??? ;)

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  1. Alright! This is something I've considered doing... Keep the updates coming!