Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Atypical Depression and Chromium

Do you have Atypical Depression?
Are you one who
-         Tends to gain weight?
-         feels tired all the time, for no obvious reason?
-         craves carbohydrates?
-         could sleep forever and feels groggy?
-         Is hurt easily by rejection from others?
-         began feeling depressed before turning 30?
(versus classic depressive is suffering from weight loss and insomnia)

If you answer yes to even ONE of these questions – chromium will likely help you!

Chromium – crucial mineral that helps stabilize blood sugar – (because without chromium, insulin – the hormone that carries excess glucose out of the blood into the body and brain – can’t work!) supplement 200-600 mcg – take it in the morning as it may cause insomnia and vivid dreaming when taken right before bed.

Our diets are generally very deficient in chromium - you lose chromium through stress and by eating the refined carbohydrates, sugars, caffeine.

Some studies have found that chromium is MORE effective than SSRI’s (it is totally okay to take both if necessary!)
**Has no side effects even at very high amounts (extremely safe!)
**Usually works faster than SSRI’s
**Has been found through many studies that it reduces symptoms more effectively than SSRI”s (page 246)

Our diets are generally deficient in chromium and as we age we need more – the more refined carbs (fast releasing carbs) you eat the more chromium you will lose.

Use this general diet outline that began this journey: here. 

Diabetes connection: since the 17th century when one doctor saw the connection regarding diabetes he wrote, “Sadness and sorrow often proceeds this disease.”  They actually have found that the incidence of diabetes in depressed people is 2 ½ times that of the general population.  Often depression precedes diabetes by 20-30 years.

So clearly - though supplementing with chromium is critical for atypical depression it is also critical for avoiding diabetes down the road!

Manic Depression coming soon...have I lost you yet?  Stick around for this next post - it is going to get you as excited as I am!  

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